“Compassionate Coercion”

Today I learned that on top of making LSD not work, another effect of Prozac is that it blocks the body’s ability to convert codeine into morphine.

That sort of amps up and tips the balance on my conspiracy theory with anti-depressants.

Prozac and other SSRIs tend to worsen depression as often as they help.

So you have this drug, that they give out like candy, that increases suicidal ideation and completion, makes LSD not work, and makes it incredibly difficult to reach sexual climax (thus causing many people to give up on or lose interest in sex altogether, and makes it quite difficult for half the population to reproduce at all).

Eugenics anyone? They can’t out outright burn the degenerates in death camps, but apparently it’s just fine to cut them out of the gene pool and try to get them to kill themselves.

But now I’m just thinking of the “compassionate coercion” program. Back in the days immediately following the Patriot Act, our lovely Attorney General at the time, confirmed werewolf and also first person to ever lose a senate election to a dead guy, John Ashcroft, announced a number of scary new ways to wage war on inanimate objects.

“Using drugs to help fight the Drug War” was one of the bigger taglines being thrown around.

Drugs that reverse or block the effects of illegal drugs was a hot topic in pharmacology back then. If you could patent something that prevents a person from being able to get high, then they can do illegal drugs all they want. Eventually they’ll probably give up when they realize it’s not doing anything.

The general public was not at all okay with being forced to take pills for an issue that didn’t even apply to them, but that’s where “compassionate coercion” comes into play. It was suggested that the moment anyone smoked the pots or shot a heroin, they could be declared mentally ill, meaning they have no say over what the government does to their body. Thus doctors would have the legal right to force them to take drugs that would make other drugs not work.  Y’know, “for their own good”.

I don’t think any of that ever passed, but now I’m wondering how long the idea has been floating around up their among top government officials.

This drug Prozac seems to make a whole lot of shit not work.

It’s obviously both, but now I’m really thinking about how much of the Prozac thing is eugenics and how much of it is not wanting the population to be able to get high.

All overt attempts to do the latter have failed miserably. We simply don’t know enough about neurotransmitters to just outright blanket-ban everything that works at a certain receptor site. In every case, the thing that a drug is doing ends up being inherently tied in with other things that are necessarily for like, living, and stuff.

Eight different states so far, in their undying quest to eradicate the evil devil’s weed, accidentally banned Tylenol for a few days before people realized “oh.. fuck lololol we can’t do that!”

You can’t separate the two. Those neurotransmitters and receptors are there for a reason! They’ve gone in one by one and genetically modified mice to not have this receptor or that receptor and every time they come out dysfunctional and retarded.

But I just keep coming back to Prozac, and how it makes so many drugs not work, and how much they’d just love to be able to dose everyone with drugs that make drugs not work.

And then I think to myself, why are there ever-increasing amounts of Prozac being found in the water?

Why is there so much Prozac in the water?



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